This website is created as a place for thought share. In various categories my thoughts will be presented to you.

The first category: ‘ The Power of the & ‘ is created as a report for a study on strategic developments done as part of a course trendforcasting at SecondSight. You can read the posts from the top downward as a one-scroll page, with a click-out for a small elaboration. In the end you will be requested for your participation. For the report, go to ‘The Power of the &‘ in top navigation or follow this link. Next categories will follow shortly.

After eight weeks of discussing trends with the classmates at Second Sight, talking about trendforecasting, the art of observing; using both mind and intuition I’ve (yet again) concluded that the best strategic insights are based in confusion. Allways be suspicious. Stay on the lookout. Change is fun. Be open and we’ll all enjoy the confusing times we live in. Thanks for joining.

Be good!


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